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Solicitation Detail

Solicitation #: 2020-012
Title: Central Bus Maintenance Facility/Woodhill District Roadway Connector (Project 18.34)
Issued: 1/27/2020
Pre-Bid Meeting: 2/5/2020, at 10:00 AM
Location: 1240 W. 6th St., Cleveland, OH 44113
Responses Due: 2/27/2020, at 10:00 AM
Location: 1240 W. 6th St., Cleveland, OH 44113
Contract Administrator: Louis A. Catalusci, Jr.
Description: The project location is located between the Central Bus Maintenance Facility (CBMF) at 2500 Woodhill Road and Woodhill District at 2240 Woodhill Road in Cleveland, Ohio 44104. A curbed grass median with chain link fence and light poles separated the concrete pavement between CBMF and Woodhill Facilities. A gravel section also exists between concrete pavement and fence at Woodhill Facility. This project will remove the curbed median to provide access between facility pavements and provide a longer pavement section. Two abandoned inspection wells will be removed, a catch basin adjusted to grade and a void/settlement area investigated/repaired at edge of Woodhill concrete roadway. Pre-Bid Meeting Summary has been added.